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Post by RogueSoundNinja on Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:49 pm

This was a friend's funky deck that I altered into its own official identity

3x Sasuke (Childhood) N-1284
3x Kisuke N-1283
1x Kakashi (Boyhood) N-1631
2x Kiba N-us010
1x Kiba N-1218
2x Tobi N-1146
2x Pakkun N-1220
2x Naruto N-632
2x Akamaru N-1375
2x Double Headed Wolf N-503
3x Kakashi N-1176
1x Sasuke N-1574
3x Four Tails N-1634

3x Shake Hands M-467
1x World of Fire M-755
1x Vengeful Spirit M-983
2x Lifeflash M-825
2x Writing Novels M-324 (funny risky card, would probably take out for additional World's of Fire if had anymore)

2x Mangekyo Sharingan J-847 (early possible removal)
2x Sharingan Eye J-846
2x Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu J-810 (early removal and discard 5 is strong)
2x Role Reversal J-981 (more users of jutsu for a hefty cost of 2)
1x Change in Chakra Nature J-620 (same as above)
3x Great Blazing Eruption J-1008
2x Wolf Fang Over Fang J-236 (2 for 5 is a good trade)

so its a Mill deck, that uses the discard 10 jutsu as its hardest hitter, and the field injuries to slow them down. Definitely not a top tier mill deck, but its like 1 of 4 of my mill decks I like the variety.

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