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Post by RogueSoundNinja on Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:25 pm

Started out Mono Water, and has morphed into this:

3x Giant Spider N-1074
3x Yahiko (Childhood) N-1073
2x Tenten N-562
2x Shikamaru Nara N-138
2x Anko Mitarashi (Childhood) N-930 (fillerish card)
3x Karin N-1076
3x Suigetsu Hozuki N-1077
3x Princess Dusk N-364
1x Kimimaro (State 1) N-1079
3x Sasuke Uchiha N-1080
1x Zabuza Momochi N-1407
2x Orochimaru N-1081
1x Hanzo the Salamander N-1082
1x The 2nd Hokage N-1409

3x Vessel for Dreams M-736
3x Orochimaru's Forbidden Jutsu M-737
2x Dehydration M-668 (kinda filler card, I might want "Next target" over it, since an enemy dehydration would net them cards without the negative and stop my suigetsu who is the core 1:1 card)
2x Deal Behind the Scenes M-us080

3x Curse Mark Activation J-730
2x Tricky Move J-513 (pretty cool can Turn Vessel into a 1 damage while still drawing you a card)
2x Sticky Webbing J-882
1x Summoning Jutsu: Triple Rashomon J-524 (not working out)
2x Revival of the Dead J-600 (Not working out no matter how much I want it to, might replace with Denkas to revive said discarded ninjas)

I've tested this and was planning on using it instead of the Surge Taijutsu, but I'll be using it soon and hopefully have the last kinks ironed out by then. So far really liking the splashing of other elements. I think its hilarious Lightning has the Taijutsu Surge, Wind has Surge and water has this + surge effects as well each different but similar.

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