Stone Village "the Bully"

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Stone Village "the Bully" Empty Stone Village "the Bully"

Post by RogueSoundNinja on Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:36 pm

3x Konan (Childhood) N-1136
3x Queen Bee N-848
2x Detonating Clay Minion N-949
1x Monju N-857
1x Tofu N-1556
2x Temari N-060
2x Mahiru N-715
1x Gaara of the Desert N-1196
1x Gantetsu N-215
2x Tobi N-1224
2x Taiseki N-714
1x Deidara N-1431
2x Kakkou N-713
1x Akatsuchi N-1628
1x Akatsuchi N-1432
1x Temari N-1659
2x Kurotsuchi N-1629
1x Deidara N-1563
1x The 3rd Tsuchikage N-1564
2x The 3rd Tsuchikage N-1630

2x Punishment M-515
2x Unhealed Wound M-433
3x Hive with Gigantic Larvae M-285
2x Bloodline Selection M-978

2x Earth Style: Weighted Boulder Jutsu J-925
3x Golem Technique J-1002
3x Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling J-1004
1x Clay Clone J-484

Seems very agressive with all the injury's per put in play, currently have a few off tone cards in there, lacks the Permanent (X) theme for the Tsuchikage and Kurotsuchi but oh well running what I have.


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