7 Swordsmen (Impure Ressurection Deck)

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7 Swordsmen (Impure Ressurection Deck)

Post by RogueSoundNinja on Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:24 pm

This is a work in progress, but I almost got it down

Splatter's Rush 3x *Debating on reducing to 1x*
Helmet Splitter's Rush 3x *Debating on reducing to 1x*
Fang's Rush 1x
Unorthodox Weaponry 1x *Filter + fun card*
Needle Senbon 1x *kinda garbage*
Sewing Needle's Rush 1x

kinda running those to keep relevance to the theme, but other jutsu might be better, whether generic, or "weapon"

Gathering the Beasts 2x *possible random Filter*
Report 3x *Specified Filter*
Mist's Greatest Swordsmen 3x *Core*

I feel like I'd want a lot more missions for this but that is what I have so far, if there was more water or color period it would be easy to put in

Ninja: 26
3x Kabuto 1647 *halts sacrifice*
3x TenTen 1335 *Filter*
2x Shino 511 *When you dont get Kabuto*
3x Jinin Akebino
3x Jinpachi Munashi
3x Ameyuri Ringo
3x Kushimaru Kuriarare
3x Zabuza 1669
3x Fuguki Suikazan *Needs opponent to have 0 chakra*

I dont own Mangetsu and feel satisfied with the lineup so far anyways
The playstyle would be using their effects as the trump cards so filling up the discard would be a huge thing (also a weakness in many ways)

Empty spots: 7 cards
Kinda hard to have 0 cards in chakra naturally especially by turn 5 for Fuguki, but a pre-battle ninja kill is nice. Considering chakra discarding side theme that can help fill a few more 0 drops like Naruto EX001, or the Killer B 1643

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