If i was in charge of the Rogue List part 2

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If i was in charge of the Rogue List part 2

Post by zXMARDOXz on Sat May 06, 2017 1:02 pm

You may not use any of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement Deck combined

N-348 Tenten [summoning weapons]
N-522 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [tailed beast form]
N-567 Kakashi Hatake (Anbu days) (NEW) - free is free enough said
N-591 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [tailed beast form]
N-615 Kabuto Yakushi [data base] (NEW) - if you ban 1 u have to ban the other IMO not as strong as naruto but still gotta go man
N-634 Shikamaru Nara [unwillingness]
N-678 Baki [able brain]
N-717 Tobi [man of mystery] (NEW) - trying to slow the game down u aint help atm could come back
N-861 Naruto Uzumaki [RELIANCE] (NEW) - Fuk this card to to to to tooooo good
N-871 Konohamaru Ninja Squad [SUCCESSORS TO THE WILL OF FIRE] (NEW) - had to go
N-902 Biscuit [reliable tracker]
N-922 Tayuya [cursed flute]
N-934 Sasuke Uchiha (State 2) [power of the curse]
N-948 Temari & Gaara of the Desert [DUST TORNADO] (NEW) - to powerful and is free wish it had a hand cost
N-1108 Anbu [rising threat]
N-1110 Anbu [hidden threat]
N-1084 Kidomaru (State 2) [GAME OF DEATH] (NEW) - sadly cuz of rules he had to go
N-1207 Hinata Hyuga (Kimono)
N-1241 The 4th Hokage [surpremacy]
N-1294 Ink Leech [beast scroll] - want to bring back but idk
N-1373 Sasuke Uchiha [SOLO ATTITUDE] (NEW) - GTFO
N-1654 Shino Aburame [destruction bugs]
N-US122 Naruto Uzumaki [overflowing chakra]
N-US123 Sasuke Uchiha [overflowing chakra]
N-US124 Kimimaro [overflowing chakra]
PR-053 Naruto Uzumaki [TRUE ALLIES] (NEW) - the only way i kno how to slow down this deck power spike without killing the whole deck

J-074 Summoning Jutsu
J-332 Water Style: Furious Current Jutsu
J-435 Reaper Death Seal
J-521 Ten Thousand Snake Waves
J-549 Assault of Snakes
J-618 Sharingan of Tears
J-637 Flower Shuriken: Burning Petals and Fallen Leaves (NEW) - sorry old friend u will be missed
J- 640 Fear by genjutsu (NEW) - to good can be played in all decks and can win u a tight game
J-638 Exposing the Hideout
J-696 Byakugan (NEW) - this one might sound bais but getting rekt by this on turn 1 is hard to comeback from and if the player somehow recover the jutsu its even worst
J-704 Reanimation (NEW) - i think we are all sick of this free to play card
J-788 Distal Phalanx Shrapnel
J-818 Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Jutsu Release (NEW) - if this card did not dual simples i would be a bit more easy on it but since it does have dual sysmbols i think its time we let it go i consider it a plus +1
J-820 Infinite Embrace (NEW) - GTFO
J-1029 Fangs rush (NEW) - this can be at 1 but i think at zero is the best option

M-125 Secret Conspiracy
M-452 Corps in Black
M-486 Sealing Barrier
M-492 Secret Meeting
M-494 Pledge Under a Starry sky
M-647 Interruption (NEW) - if at least 3 or more colors had a turn 2 mission negation i would be ok with this card since its the only one of its kind in a element thats has about 3 other mission negation it had to go
M-738 Anko's Memory (NEW) - i kno both naruto and kabuto are gone but still this card is to good and can swing the game in whoever plays it first and i think thats unfair and for anyone who knows me i never play this card i hate it but i understand the power of this card
M-965 Idle Comrades
PR-092 Never Ending Love (NEW) - strong and never needed to be printed sorry kevin but fuk you for this card lol

C-015 Ami (NEW) - this card has no real counter play so with that ban it
C-026 Emi
C-043 Hikaru Tsuki

You may not use more than one of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement Deck combined

N-461 Kankuro
N-487 Ebizo
N-630 Yoroi Akado
N-636 Shizune & Tonton
N-645 Shion (Awakened)
N-1104 Tenzo (Anbu Days) (NEW) - slow down earth late game power jutsu
N-1181 Kushina Uzumaki
N-1576 Kakashi Hatake
N-us118 Kankuro
PR-052 Kakashi Hatake

J-432 Dispatch of Anbu
J-529 Sonic Attack
J-536 Wood Style Jutsu: Four Pillars Prison Jutsu (NEW) - strong card and would be on the watch list
J-611 Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
J-635 Chidori Stream
J-725 Summoning Jutsu
J-1012 Hirudora

M-106 Jonin Intervention (NEW) - putting this to one to troll anyone who wants to try this card at one and if u make it work ima net deck it
M-430 Threat of the Tailed Beast
M-443 Substitute
M-447 4 Times Faster
M-538 Crying in vain
M-723 Training in the Moonlight
M-785 Fond Memories
M-951 Jonin intervention
M-964 SakuraTears
M-US074 Broke (NEW) - i think i might be jumping the gun on this one but this card is nutz

C-051 Miroku

You may not use more than two of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement.

N-1491 Ino Yamanaka (Childhood) (NEW) - i personally feel her at 2 is not bad i could be wrong so watch list
N-1089 Father & Mother (NEW) - wtf is puppets sorry cao
N-655 Yamato [control by fear] (NEW) - didnt see any play maybe at 2 he will

J-797 Hydro-pump (NEW) - I think with all the nerfs this card at 2 wont be so bad
J-949 Spontaneous Tree Summoning (NEW) - reduce the power of the deck without killing the deck

M-430 Threat of the Tailed Beast (NEW) - not as scary as it was 7 years ago
M-848 Shikamaru's Decision (NEW) - i wanted to put it at 1 but if i put it at one it will reduce earth power so on the watch list.

No longer on the list

C-035 Emina (NEW) - no reason for this on the list no more OC free Mill to work this engine
PR-052 Kakashi Hatake - With naruto TA promo banned this at 3 aint so bad
M- 625 Invasion of Akatsuki - with DATABASE gone this is fine at 3
J-625 Rasengan (New) - didnt see any play 2 so maybe at 3 it might
M-309 Cooking Match! - .................card is ass
M-714 Suigetsu's Joy -  good card but it was 2 at didnt do as great i dont think at 3 without database will be any better
M- pr060 Clash Note clash does not have an effect - keep it blank


M-848 Shikamaru's Decision
J-536 Wood Style Jutsu: Four Pillars Prison Jutsu
N-1491 Ino Yamanaka (Childhood)


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