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TAOP Rogue List

Post by zXMARDOXz on Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:29 pm

New rogue list is now in effect as of 4/18/17

The List might have small minor changes i will keep everyone posted.

M-Pr 060 Clash effect
Draw 1 card.

If you have Naruto Uzumaki in play draw 1 card, then you may move up to two cards in your discard pile to your chakra area.

If you have Sasuke Uchiha in play select and negate the effect text of 1 of your opponents ninja's. Then, remove the selected Ninja from it's teams. Both Sasuke Uchiha And the selected ninja must be sent out to battle by them self and opposed by one another if possible this turn.

During this turn any ninjas that receive damage due to the showdown are discarded.

You may not use any of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement Deck combined

N-348 Tenten [summoning weapons]
N-522 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [tailed beast form]
N-591 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [tailed beast form]
N-634 Shikamaru Nara [unwillingness]
N-902 Biscuit [reliable tracker]
N-922 Tayuya [cursed flute]
N-934 Sasuke Uchiha (State 2) [power of the curse]
N-1108 Anbu [rising threat]
N-1110 Anbu [hidden threat]
N-1207 Hinata Hyuga (Kimono)
N-1241 The 4th Hokage [surpremacy]
N-1294 Ink Leech [beast scroll]
N-1654 Shino Aburame [destruction bugs]
N-US122 Naruto Uzumaki [overflowing chakra]
N-US123 Sasuke Uchiha [overflowing chakra]
N-US124 Kimimaro [overflowing chakra]
N-678 Baki [able brain]

J-074 Summoning Jutsu
J-332 Water Style: Furious Current Jutsu
J-435 Reaper Death Seal
J-521 Ten Thousand Snake Waves
J-549 Assault of Snakes
J-618 Sharingan of Tears
J-638 Exposing the Hideout
J-788 Distal Phalanx Shrapnel

M-125 Secret Conspiracy
M-309 Cooking Match
M-452 Corps in Black
M-486 Sealing Barrier
M-492 Secret Meeting
M-494 Pledge Under a Starry sky
M-106 Jonin Intervention
M-965 Idle Comrades

C-026 Emi
C-043 Hikaru Tsuki

You may not use more than one of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement Deck combined

N-487 Ebizo
N-615 Kabuto Yakushi [data base]
N-630 Yoroi Akado
N-861 Naruto Uzumaki
N-1181 Kushina Uzumaki
N-1491 Ino Yamanaka (Childhood)
N-1576 Kakashi Hatake
PR-052 Kakashi Hatake
N-636 Shizune & Tonton
N-461 Kankuro
N-us118 Kankuro
N-1089 Father & Mother
N-645 Shion (Awakened)
N-655 Yamato [control by fear] (NEW)
N-567 Kakashi Hatake (Anbu days) (NEW)

J-432 Dispatch of Anbu
J-529 Sonic Attack
J-611 Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
J-637 Flower Shuriken: Burning Petals and Fallen Leaves
J-696 Byakugan
J-797 Hydro-pump
J-1012 Hirudora
J-635 Chidori Stream
J-704 Reanimation (NEW)
J-725 Summoning Jutsu (NEW)

M-430 Threat of the Tailed Beast
M-447 4 Times Faster
M-723 Training in the Moonlight
M-738 Anko's Memory
M-443 Substitute
M-964 SakuraTears
M-785 Fond Memories
M- pr060 Clash
M-951 Jonin intervention
M- 625 Invasion of Akatsuki
M-538 Crying in vain
PR-092 Never Ending Love (NEW)

C-051 Miroku
C-035 Emina (NEW)

You may not use more than two of the following cards in your Main Deck, Side Deck, and Reinforcement.

N-717 Tobi [man of mystery] (NEW)

J-818 Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Jutsu Release
J-820 Infinite Embrace
J-625 Rasengan
J-1029 Fangs rush
J- 640 Fear by genjutsu (NEW)

M-714 Suigetsu's Joy (NEW)

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